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I received a bank statement where NASA Federal Credit Union took 5 dollars over the past two months for inactivity on my account. I have never been notified or had money taken out over the year I had my account and had NO business transactions with them. The reason I opened the account was due to a friend who indicated they had good rates and were easy to deal with. I've bought a house and car over the past year and NO their rates weren't even close to what I was easily able to obtain. I had no reason to do business since they offered higher rates than many other lending institituions. My friend who told me about this bank has also had his a line of credit dropped from them at the same time due to low rates he was receiving. Looks like they are going through every account and finding ways to get rid of you or steal money from you what a sham.

If they would have sent me a letter indicating they were starting to charge their customers (STEAL FROM CUSTOMERS) just to have an account at their bank I would have removed my money imediately. I don't get up every morning to go to work to give FREE MONEY to NASA CREDIT UNION. They are crooks take you money elsewhere.

They also lied to me, I called explaining they took my money and I wanted my account closed, they told me to write a letter explaining why I wanted my account closed and request my money be given back in full since they did not notify me that their hands were in my account each month. The Manager disapproved my request, quess he works on commission and has my money in his pocket. You don't treat customers this way any keep their money when you're at fault. I will tell everyone what a terrible credit union this is and hope I get others to go where they will be treated with respect and not with crooks!!! STAY AWAY FRONM THESE CROOKS!!!!

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